New Emerald Harbor Marine Ads


Emerald Harbor Marine's ads still looked great, but it was time to update. The challenge was that Emerald Harbor Marine wants to deliver a couple of messages: First and foremost, the ads have to make it clear that EHM is the source for systems installations in Seattle. Secondly, but equally important, a message about a specific product or program has to come across loud a clear. EHM values its relationships with its suppliers, and the advertising program is a big part of that relationship. Enter Gillin Design. The creator of the original EHM logo delivered a completely new look to the ads fulfilling both needs. A matching tri-fold capability brochure is coming soon as well. Look for the Emerald Harbor ads in publications throughout the Northwest.









Canal Boatyard Ads Promote Family Atmosphere

canal4c.nwy.1110Canal Boatyard quietly goes about the business of hauling boats in a friendly, professional and exceptionally clean environment. The message for advertising, as for the web site, was on the surface fairly simple: this is a place you can feel comfortable hauling your boat. The basic design lends itself to creating a feel with a photo, but leaving enough room for a timely secondary message.

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