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The name "marketing services" can mean pretty much anything. Fittingly, Meadow Point Publishing can get just about anything done. There are many ad agencies and marketing firms that can claim the same thing, and have the resources (and commensurate costs) to do top quality work in house in all these feeds. Meadow Point marketing services are geared toward medium-sized and smaller Pacific Northwest Marine companies. Clients deal with me, Kurt, and I'll see to it that the designs are done, the web site created, the photographs shot, the press release sent out. If I can't do it myself, or a job requires greater expertise in a specific area than I can deliver by myself, I call in my cavalry of colleagues.

  • Advertising ( 2 Articles )
    Advertising is changing just as fast as bytes can fly around the Internet. It can also move as slowly, and as effectively over the long run, as a turtle wandering across a page.
  • Web Sites ( 3 Articles )

    Today's web site is both dynamic and interactive. Visitors expect to see current and relevant information. Utilizing content management systems, our clients can change their content easily and as often as they choose with no costs to them. Or, they can just touch base with Meadow Point Publishing on a regular basis and we'll take care of it for them.



  • Public Relations ( 3 Articles )
    Public relations gets a bad rap. Too often, it is seen, and practiced, as a question of spinning the truth. No matter how it's practiced, public relations is designed to affect and manipulate public perception. In our opinion, whether at a conscious or unconsious level, the public knows b.s. when it sees it. Our view of public relations is a bit old fashioned: build trust with the media by telling them the truth and making it very easy for them to tell your story. Our clients have good stories to tell.
  • Newsletters ( 3 Articles )
    Meadow Point Publishing was initially created to do newsletters. For smaller companies, they can be the most effective dollar-for-dollar promotional tool out there. They can be targeted and relevant, and they can be delivered in several different ways. That said, nobody will waste time on a poorly written or irrelevant newsletter. Meadow Point can create the entire newsletter from concept to delivery, provide all the written content or do a targeted piece in a larger publication. Clients range from clients such as Coastal Marine Engine to the likes of Holland America Line and the Port of Tacoma. Newsletters are an area where we see growth as they dovetail nicely with the Internet yet can have a friendly and familiar feel.

What is Meadow Point Publishing?

Meadow Point Publishing, aka Kurt and colleagues, oversees the marketing programs of select companies. We create and implement ad programs, web sites and produce online and hard-copy newsletters. We manage public relations campaigns. Mostly, we make these efforts work together. Kurt writes the monthly Wave Writer column for Northwest Yachting magazine plus occasional features for regional and national publications. More about Kurt.


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