Wave Writer

In 2007, I started writing a monthly column for Northwest Yachting Magazine that somewhere along the line became the Wave Writer. While I have written for many  magazines over the years, this was an opportunity I cherished. The editor, Bruce Hedrick, and publisher, Dan Schworer, gave me more or less free reign on subject matter and content. This column would not be to sell product, garner favor or muck rake. It was a chance to do the kind of writing I enjoy, diverse, thoughtful, accurate and, hopefully, thought provoking.
  • Boatyard Runoff ( 4 Articles )
  • Environmental ( 4 Articles )
  • Pirates ( 3 Articles )
    I had already written two dedicated pieces on the issue of pirates off the coast of Somalia when, tragically, the issue became horribly relevant when two Northwest cruisers were killed.
  • Grab Bag ( 5 Articles )


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